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Thursday, December 20, 2012

bag; boots; jacket - ZARA // scarf - AA // asymmetrical top - Floralpunk // watch - Casio

I love London so much. I feel sheer happiness even when i just walk into Marks and Spencer or top up my Oyster card. London folks are so nice compared to what i experience here in Munich and their outgoingness makes me wanna walk around and just hug everyone. Man, i definitely live in the wrong place. And after a short trip to Oxford street i, once again, realized why i dont like shopping anymore. There is nothing much to shop in Munich ! I couldnt even be bothered to go to town anymore. I just didnt care anymore, it was so depressing. But Topshop and co. lit a sparkle in me. Iam so eager to look the best i can again. I really want to throw off that i-dont-care attitude i wrapped myself into. 

I stayed with Nga for one night and went to the Big Bang concert with her. Then i moved to Van Anhs for the next night, cos Nga flew to Vietnam on Sunday. Iam so jealous haha. These pictures were taken by Van Anh with my "new" camera. You remember that i got my bag robbed in Saigon ? My camera was gone, too, but a benevolent from Australia sent me his camera without me knowing him or me really knowing him, its crazy ! I cant believe he just sent me his Canon 500D without any expectations. Iam so grateful ! Really, mate, iam so fucking grateful, you have no idea. Anyway, these pictures were taken by Van Anh from Chopstick Panorama with that guys camera. Thanks to both of you so much.

me by Van Anh

Van Anh by me
Had a great but exhausting day with Van Anh. We took outfit pictures and then headed towards Oxford st because i wanted to visit some shops before flying back to Germany. Its pre-christmas time so it was rather crowded. Or London is just always like that lol. Anyway, i loved it. Was busy shopping thus i didnt take many pictures.

Its been a while since i have been to Topshop but i officially like it again. Esp. the Oxford St one.
So many things i wanted but too little money : (

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  1. Really gorgeous pictures,love the camera quality,wow you've come across some really generous and good people,so nice of that guy to give you his camera!

  2. Aww you met Van Anh!!
    you got some gorgeous snaps! love your shoes ^_^

  3. I really love your blog ! Gorgeous pictures <3

  4. lovely photography! and i can't believe someone sent you a camera! crazy jealous of you, girl...

    annie // WEMAKEPLANS



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